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All-Natural Soap Made In SA By African Bliss

Everyday we all take baths or showers, lathering ourselves with commercial “soap”. Have you ever wondered why most bars of commercial “soap” don’t actually mention the word soap on the packaging? I was surprised to learn that is is because they are actually detergents and not soap at all! Detergents are great for laundry and dishes but NOT when we are cleaning our skin. Detergent bars strip the natural moisture from your skin. The average person uses between 5 – 25 kg of soap, toiletries and cosmetics each year. Unfortunately many of these products have not been tested for cancer causing compounds. Since our skin is our body’s largest organ and we absorb 60% of any substance applied to your skin, it is important to watch what we put on our skin. These days we are becoming more aware of what we are putting into our bodies and what a good thing this is. We can start by replacing all of our toiletries with natural, petroleum-free products, that are free from harmful sulphates, parabens or triclosan.

“African Bliss” is a small family business whose goal and passion for the last 2 years has been to make a totally natural soap, which contains no artificial fragrances, preservatives, stabilizers or colourants. The soaps are made entirely by hand, using 100% natural, pure oils and using the cold process method of soapmaking to retain all the natural glycerine normally removed from commercial soaps. The soaps are coloured using only plants, tea, and spices. Only pure essential oils are used, NO fragrance oils (often the cause of skin break-outs), which results in a soap with a gentle smell and an equally gentle action on the skin. The honey and beeswax used, is harvested directly from the hives and is not bleached and remains in its natural form. The soap is also cut and wrapped by hand and therefore each bar is unique.

This soap is used by people from all walks of life. The difference between using handmade soap and a commercial bar of soap is so immense, one has to only try it to feel the difference!

The African Bliss soaps are available for online purchase from in the organic body care section.

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