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The Unique concept of Dr Hauschka Skin Care

The Dr Hauschka Skin Care range was launched over 40 years ago and prides itself in being an authentically Natural Skin Care Range.

Free of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colours.

All ingredients used in the Dr Hauschka preparations are obtained from Nature. Only the highest quality Organic and Bio-dynamically grown plants are used in all the preparations. These ingredients are sourced from all over the world through fair-trade agreements.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care regards the human skin as a Holistic organ that protects the body. The skin is exposed to external and internal influences that can weaken it resulting in an imbalance. This imbalance can be: dryness, lack of moisture, over production of oil, as well as premature ageing.

Dr Hauschka preparations are designed to help the skin regenerate itself. The preparations help to restore balance and harmony in the skin which brings us to the true meaning of the word cosmetic, derived from the Greek word ‘kosmein’ , which means: to restore order and balance.

Oil-free night care products support the nocturnal metabolism of the skin, which is then at its most active. The skin is thus able to use its powers of self-regeneration and regain its natural equilibrium. It is able to breathe freely and overcome any weaknesses and imbalances, staying healthy and beautiful.

The Dr.Hauschka products carry the certification mark Certified Natural Cosmetics awarded by the German Industrial association BDIH to individual products conforming to their stringent criteria and guaranteed by the IMO, an independent certification body for Organic produce.

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