Is the Airwise Air Purifier worth the cost?

Jul 3, 2010 by

My doctor recommended that I buy an Airwise to help with my sinusitis, but I am struggling to justify spending so much money on an air purifier. Is it really worth spending so much?

Yes, and yes again. You have become used to spending small amounts every month on medication, so to see a lump sum annual amount looks overwhelming. If you were to break the cost of the Airwise into monthly amounts over 1 year, you would be looking at less than R600 per month. Many people are spending more than that per month on medication, and that is just to treat the symptoms, whilst leaving the underlying cause in place. The double benefit of a good quality air purifier like the Airwise is that it treats the symptoms by treating the cause.

Respiratory disorders such as sinusitis, asthma, post nasal drip and other allergic reactions are the body’s natural response to unnatural environmental conditions – ie too many irritants in its breathing space. By clearing the air in your breathing space, you will have correctly treated the cause of the disease and your body will naturally heal and the symptoms will disappear over time. So the benefits of the Airwise are enormous – they are in fact saving your health and saving your lungs. Not many products can do that. Please don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap and ineffective air purifier. It is an unwise and very costly decision in the longer term.

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