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Jul 13, 2010 by

I was very sceptical that a photocatalytic light would help my daughter with her sinuses.  Besides watching her diet, we had tried everything from humidifiers in the winter, to making sure that no cats or dogs enter her room.  She is finally able to have a good nights sleep, and not wake up with a headache and dark rings around her eyes.
I do not have a sinus problem, but I always felt under par when I went away to our holiday home in the Eastern Cape, when I was supposedly supposed to feel better at the sea. I read the instructions of my daughter’s Airwise unit, and saw that mould and mildew in damp air can cause this sense of lethargy and can be controlled by the photocatalytic light. So I decided it would be worthwhile to try one for myself. I bought an Airwise for my bedroom and I can honestly say that it has changed my sense of well being, and I now look forward to my holiday.
Subsequently we have bought a multi-function unit for both homes for the living area and we each have small units in our bedrooms. The air in the home has a wonderful, dust – free “smell”. It is well worth the investment.
– Beverley, Jhb, South Africa

By all accounts, my granddaughter has improved phenomenally and her parents are convinced that it is due to the purifier.
That makes us very happy and I’m exceedingly grateful that I found you guys.
– Peter, Jhb, South Africa

My husband hasn’t needed his nose sprays since we started using Airwise. It gives the room fresh feeling, clean air. I would recommend this to anyone with allergies. Airwise works.
Shirley Barnes, Westminster MD

The Airwise purifier does a great job! The air is almost immediately cleaner. My husbands allergy symptoms were lessened within the first week. It is small, completely quiet and nothing to replace but once a year.
Diane Mitchell, Stockbridge, USA

Years ago we had an air purifier. I had to take it apart weekly to wash the fan blades, screens and grids. And it was loud. The Airwise purifier is a breeze. I took it out the box and plugged it in and the doggy odor is gone. The best feature is that it is silent.
Meg Casey, USA

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