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The Airwise purifies the air using a photocatalytic process. This is a revolutionary new purification process that outperforms many air purification methods including HEPA filters, Electrostatic filters, Ozone, UV and Ionizers.

Photocatalysis is not a fly-by night marketing claim.

It has scientific backing and was developed and researched at the University of Florida’s Solar Energy and Energy Conversion Laboratory and tested successfully in medical research settings where the air in laboratories must be microbe-free, and has been found to quickly kill off the bacteria in indoor air. Research studies found that Photocatalysis is superior to conventional techniques using filters.

With Photocatalysis contaminants are actually destroyed rather than just being transferred.

This is especially significant for asthma and allergy sufferers. “Dust mites in the air cause allergic reactions in an estimated 15 to 20% percent of the population, and have been linked to the development of childhood asthma. The droppings of dust mites live in bedding and carpeting, and also circulate in the air. Inhaled mold spores are also responsible for many allergy symptoms and aggravate asthma. Mold spores are microscopic and need to be 100% destroyed; otherwise they lie dormant and grow back. Because mold spores also circulate in the air, cleaning an environmental surface is not an efficient way of eliminating molds. Photocatalysis eliminates molds altogether.”

– Professor Goswami, University of Florida.

The Airwise uses Photocatalysis plus WisePoint™ technology which is excellent at successfully eliminating:

o    Mold
o    Bacteria
o    Dust Mites
o    Gases
o    Odors
o    Smoke
o    VOCs
o    Pet Dander
o    Large Particles 10 to .3 micron
o    Small Particles <.3 micron

The Airwise WisePointe™ technology also generates active negative ions.

An added benefit of negative ions is that they enhance the speed at which dust and other airborne particles are removed from the breathing space.

No toxic chemicals are used in the process – it is safe and environmentally friendly.

How does Photocatalysis Work?

Simply speaking, Photocatalysis uses light, which reacts with a titanium dioxide based chemical catalyst which air passes through, resulting in oxidation, which attacks and destroys microbes by destroying their DNA. The action also kills dust mites and mold.

Titanium Dioxide, also known as Titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium.

It is chemically stable and considered an environmentally friendly safe substance. Titanium Dioxide is characterized by its high refractive index. It is used in a variety of ways and is harmless to humans.  It has been found that Titanium Dioxide can also be used as a photocatalyst to decrease and eliminate toxic organic materials. This is accomplished through the utilizing of its oxidative capability. After being illuminated by light, titanium dioxide produces hydroxyl radicals, which react with the organic matters in the air to form non-toxic inorganic matters. Titanium Dioxide is known to have high deodorizing, anti-soiling and sterilization properties, making it an ideal environmental protection product.

The Airwise is simple to use and requires almost no maintenance

You simply plug it in and leave it on. The only maintenance required is the replacement of the lamp module once a year. Its that simple to have good, clean air in your home or office.

The whole process is completely silent.

Breathing clean air has obvious health benefits.

Although air pollutants are often not seen or smelt, knowing that our environment is polluted leads us to understand and accept that pollutants are in our breathing space. Using a high quality air purifier means that you breathe good, clean air whilst in your home or office.

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A Quality Air Purifier is an easy and effective investment in better health and well-being.

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