Frequently Asked Questions about the Biofires

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Will I need to install a chimney for my BioFire to function?

No, Biofires do not need chimneys. The Biofires do not create smoke or odor and so do not need a chimney. They burn a liquid fuel called Biofuel, which is eco-friendly and clean burning.  Biofuel is an ethanol fuel made from sugar cane. Biofuel makes the Biofires very convenient and enable you to easily move them from room to room. Another benefit of not having a chimney is that all the heat generated remains in the room and does not get lost through a chimney as happens with wood burning fires.

What emissions are given out by the burning BioFuel?

Carbon Dioxide and steam are the only emissions from the burning BioFuel. The open flame burns oxygen which means that ventilation is essential when using the BioFires, Ventilation can be provided by a slightly open window or forced ventilation.

What makes the Biofires so special?

The secret lies in a real beautiful orange flame dancing in the glass cylinder, which is so much more effective than the static flame of a candle or electric fireplace. The Biofires are the ultimate in beauty and convenience and do not require any chimney or specialist installation as there is no smoke or smell from the burning of BioFuel. This revolution in fireplaces add a new dimension to interior design and creates a focal point in any room. A BioFire means that you can enjoy the ambience of a fire anytime; a meeting with friends over a glass of wine in the garden on a cool evening, around the dinner table or in the bathroom whilst taking a relaxing bath after a hard days work. The Biofire is completely portable and can be moved from one room to another.

Can a room be heated by a bio-fire?

Biofires are both decorative and heat producing. As 100% of heat energy from a BioFire remains in the room it can start to warm a room quickly and effectively. As a general rule the mini biofires will warm a room the size of a single garage and the standard size biofires will warm a room the size of a double garage.

What is the BioFuel made from?

BioFuel is made from sugarcane – a completely renewable source. It is referred to as denatured Ethanol and is environmentally friendly.

Does the burning of BioFuel make the ceiling above the BioFire black over time?

No, the BioFuel burns completely fume and smoke free but there must be a sufficient distance between the fire and the ceiling, approximately 1 metre.

How long will the BioFires and BioFireplaces last?

These products will last for the rest of your life if handled carefully and used according to the manufacturers instructions.

Will there be any damage to surfaces on which the BioFires are set, e.g. laminate flooring, wooden tables?

No, there is no hot part of the unit which touches the surface. The air under the fuel pot will become warm but will cause no damage.

Can the glass crack?

The sodium glass used in the production of BioFires has been extensively tested using the BioFuel and will not crack when using this product according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you spill fuel on the glass, dry it thoroughly and wipe any residue with a damp cloth before lighting, because a fuel spill on the glass will set it alight, and the glass may then crack. No other fuels may be burned in the BioFires at all, and if you do use other fuels the glass may crack and will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Are there dangers for children and pets?

As with any other open flame, it obviously has its dangers and should be kept out of reach of children and away from pets. Please treat BioFires, BioFireplaces or Wallfires or fireplace inserts as you would any other open fireplace or gas fireplace.

How do I extinguish the flame?

Simply by placing the tool provided over the flame. No mess, no fuss!

Can you drink BioFuel?

Absolutely NOT! Although the fuel is eco-friendly, and is denatured Ethanol, it will be harmful to your health.

Can we do any braaiing or cooking on the BioFires, BioFireplaces or fireplace Wallfires or fireplace inserts?


Can I toast Marshmallows on my BioFires, BioFireplaces or fireplace Wallfires or fireplace inserts?


Can I burn methylated spirits or paraffin in my BioFire, BioFireplace or Wallfires or fireplace inserts?

Absolutely not, the glass cylinder will crack; smoke, odour and toxic gasses will be produced! No fuels other than BioFuel may be burned in them at all, and if you do use other fuels the glass will crack and this will not be replaced within the manufacturer’s warranty.

Will the glass cylinder break if I drop it?

YES, but the glass cylinders are replaceable.

Can I burn wood in my BioFire, BioFireplace or Wallfires or fireplace inserts?

Absolutely not – nothing except BioFuel should be burned in your glass BioFire, BioFireplace or Wallfires or fireplace inserts!

I am asthmatic or have chest problems; can I use a BioFire, BioFireplace or Wallfires or fireplace inserts?

Yes! No smoke is given off, the only 2 emissions given off are Carbon Dioxide which is in the air we breathe already, and steam which will do no harm at all, the steam will moisten the air which could benefit these ailments.

What size room will a glass BioFire warm up?

A standard BioFire will warm a room of up to 30m², and a mini BioFire will warm a room of up to 15m²

Is there a cost saving in using a BioFire rather than an electric heater?

It compares well with electricity and is less expensive than gas. It is also better for our environment and future.

What is a BioFire?

It is the easy answer to enjoying a REAL fire anywhere in your home without smoke or the need for a chimney and without harming the environment. The compact size and full portability of the BioFires are truly important features. BioFires can be easily moved outdoors or to any other room in your home where you wish to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. The give you the benefit of a real living fire with no smoke, no ashes and no other inconveniences. The main function of our BioFire is decorative but with added benefits of supplementary heating. The BioFire comes complete on a base of your choice, with sand and stones, fuel pot, and a special safety lighter, it is ready to use after following our preparation instructions. The variety of base options includes polished cast aluminium, glass, wood and sleeper wood.

How do I light my BioFire?

  1. Arrange all Ethanol fireplace elements by referring to the assembly instruction.
  2. Tip the sand onto the stainless steel tray, place sand and stones around the fuel pot.
  3. Make sure that nothing is placed directly in the fire.
  4. Remove the fuel pot from the tray and fill it with BioFuel.
  5. Put the fuel pot back into the tray’s centre hole – When putting the fuel pot back in place, take care to avoid spilling the fuel. If the fuel is spilt, wipe it up or wait until it dries off. Do not light the spilled fuel as the glass cylinder may crack.
  6. Always light the fire using the special safety lighter provided.

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