Why Use Natural Cleaning Products?

Jul 9, 2010 by

Use natural cleaning products quite simply because they do not harm the environment or our health like chemical products do. When we use cleaning products that contain harsh chemical ingredients, we do so at the risk of our health and our environment. The bottom line is that all the ingredients in our cleaning products wash down our drains into our water supply. They run over our land and enter our food chain and eco-systems, harming the natural environment, animals and people along the way.

At one time all that was available was chemical cleaners and so we all used them. We didn’t know the damage that was being caused in the longer term by using these products. Now that we do, it is our individual choice and responsibility to care for our environment, our eco-systems and our health. One of the ways we can do this is by using products that are natural and biodegradable.

We have a recommended range of all natural household cleaners and bodycare products that are 100% free of all harmful chemicals, including synthetic preservatives and fragrances.

They are all available for purchase online, by email or phone and are delivered nationwide within South Africa. They are gentle on your skin and instead of absorbing toxic chemical fumes, you and your family breathe in the healing properties of natural essential oils. They are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and “green”.

  • No petrochemicals or other harmful chemicals
  • No colourants, synthetic preservatives or chemical fragrances # No Sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate or parabens
  • No GM or animal ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Child-friendly, septic tank and grey water safe, gentle on your skin and bio-degradable

The question then is, why aren’t you using natural cleaners? Why continue to use chemical cleaners knowing the damage they cause? A simple rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t use it. You don’t even have to buy pre-mixed cleaners if you are on a budget. Hot water and vinegar or lemon juice can do a very good cleaning job too.

All these products and more are available for online purchase here now, or by telephone or email. Free advice is always available. Please feel free to call or email us.

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