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How many Eco-nappies do I need?

This will depend on how often your baby soils the nappies and how often you wash the nappies. Seasonal factors also play a part as the nappies dry quicker in summer than in winter.

Most people wash the nappies every 2nd or 3rd day. In this case you will need:

18 – 24 Nappies of one size
3 – 5 Nappy Covers of one size
1- 2 packs of Nappy Liners per month

If you wash more often then you will need less nappies. some people prefer to wash more often and buy less nappies.

We suggest that if you are unsure then start off with less and buy more if you need to. This also helps to spread the initial cost.

What sizes and packs do the nappies come in?

The nappies come in packs of 6 nappies and the waterproofs come in single packs and twin packs. The liners come in packs of 100.

The nappies come in sizes small, medium and large.

The waterproofs come in sizes Xtra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large.

The liners are all one size.

The Trial nappy packs contain 2 nappies, 1 waterproof and 10 liners and come in sizes Xtra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large .

The Starter Pack contains 24 Small eco-nappies, 4 Xtra-small waterproofs and 3 small waterproofs. It is for use from newborn to 7kg’s.

The Booster Pack contains 18 medium eco-nappies, 3 medium waterproofs, 24 large eco-nappies and 3 large waterproofs.It is for use from 7kg’s to 14 kg’s plus.

The Full nappy pack contains the starter and booster packs and is for use from birth to 14 kg’s plus.

How long do the Stegi eco-nappies last?

Stegi EcoNappies are guaranteed up to 100 washes e.g. 3 washes per week of 9 months = 108 washes. However, many people have used them well into their second baby and they are still looking fine. They therefore last a lot longer than 100 washes, but the guarantee only extends to 100 washes.

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