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Eco-nappies are re-usable, shaped, 100% cotton nappies. Eco-nappies are also called reusable nappies, cotton nappies, real nappies or washable nappies. Eco-nappies are the modern day version of the old towelling nappies that were used in the past. They are shaped and tailored to fit like a disposable nappy, but are made from natural fibers. Natural fibers do not carry the health and environmental dangers that synthetic disposable nappies do. The innovative design of the Stegi eco-nappies does away with the need for pins or fasteners. The breathable waterproof is cleverly designed to hold the nappy in place. Nappy liners are used to make it even easier, allowing you to simply flush solids down the toilet along with the liner.

The eco-nappy range includes eco-swim nappies which are made from fun coloured fabrics in pink or blue and are used for the beach, splash pools or swimming lessons. Swim nappies are lightweight and quick drying and a firm favourite as a surprise gift from eco-aware grandparents.

The eco-training pants are re-usable cotton pull-up pants with a padded gusset to be used when its time to potty train baby the eco way.

Besides being healthier for baby and the environment, eco-nappies are also far healthier for your bank balance than disposable nappies and save parents R100’s every month. Over the time that a baby is in nappies and training nappies, the amount of money saved adds up to a significant amount which runs into the R1000’s.

Eco-nappies bring health and well being back into nappies and bring parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have made a good choice for your babies health and environmental future.

Eco-nappies are available for online purchase via our shopping cart or can be ordered by telephone or email.

If you are not sure how they work, the please feel free to call or email us and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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