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‘What should I buy first – a juicer or a blender?’

To make the best decision you first need to ask ‘What is the difference between a juicer and a blender?’

A juicer will extract the juice from the pulp (fiber). It will expel the juice and pulp (fiber)  into 2 separate containers. You drink the juice and throw away the pulp (hopefully onto your compost heap or into your wormery ). Some people are concerned about throwing away the pulp, thinking that it’s a waste. It’s not really. A good juicer will be able to extract most of the nutrients from the pulp, into the juice, leaving the pulp nutritionally empty and the juice that you are going to drink packed with all the nutrients.  The big benefit of drinking this juice is that your body doesn’t have to work to get the nutrients. The juicer has done the work for it and when you drink the nutrient-filled juice you get an immediate nutrient boost.  You can drink a lot more juice (which means a lot more nutrients) with the pulp removed. Juice is a fantastic way to maintain nutrient levels and to experience the natural good health that comes from good nutrition. It is also an exceptionally powerful way to regenerate the body when it is suffering from ill-health. There are countless cases of people that have recovered from life threatening diseases, like cancer, by juicing. Who should juice? We all should.

The Vitamix Blender

A blender will blend the whole fruit or vegetable into a puree. It does not separate the pulp and fiber like a juicer does. Often you will also add some water to make the puree into a liquid that is thin enough to drink. With a blender you get the fiber and the liquid. Nothing gets removed. It all gets blended into a smooth mixture, hence the name “Smoothie”.  Smoothies are delicious and quick and easy to make. You can only drink a limited amount of smoothies though because the fiber will make you full. Smoothies are popular with children and adults alike and can be made more nutritious and tasty by adding nuts, berries and seeds. Blenders are a great and easy way to get nutrients into the body.

So, should you buy a juicer or a blender first?

I would say a juicer because it can deliver more nutrients given that it removes the fibre. But it does depend on your lifestyle and preferences. If you find it easier to blend than juice, then start with a blender. Do what suits your lifestyle best. Choose the machine that you will use the most to start off with.

Do you really need both?

I have a juicer and blender and couldn’t do without either of them.

Delicious Smoothie

Delicious Smoothie

I use my  blender  to make smoothies in the mornings for a quick and easy breakfast. My children also enjoy smoothies and will quite happily experiment and make their own. I always keep a supply of frozen banana’s in the freezer (I just  peel them and pop them into a plastic bag. Woolworths almost always has organic banana’s and so does Pick ‘n Pay). We use bananas as a base because they make the smoothie creamy. To this we add nuts (I like almonds because they are alkaline) and honey or dates to add sweetness as well as seeds, berries and whatever else captures the imagination. You can even add some green leaves like Spinach or green powder like Barleymax or Spirulina.

Fresh Carrot Juice

I make fresh juice as a late morning or early afternoon meal-in-a-glass. I used to juice a lot of carrots with ginger, beetroot and celery but have found that I now prefer to use greens as a base instead of the carrots. I juice greens like spinach with lemon, ginger and apple. I often juice grapefruit instead of lemon and pears instead of apple. Pears with lemon and ginger are one of my favourite combinations. I play with different combinations and often juice whatever I have on hand. I always feel more energised after making a juice and try to juice every day. This doesn’t mean I get it right every day. Sometimes I run my life and sometimes it runs me!

Good equipment makes a big difference

A good juicer will extract high quantities of nutrients and is easy and effortless to use. Gimmicky juicers seem like a good buy because they are cheap but invariably land up in the cupboard or in landfill because they just can’t do the job well.

All the juicers and blenders on our shopping cart are renowned for above average performance and ease of use. You can buy them online, or by email or telephone. We accept internet transfer, direct deposits and credit cards and deliver throughout South Africa. If you have any questions or need any help then just email or phone us. We would love to help you to make the best choice to meet your needs.

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  1. Rekha Pemji

    Iwould thank you for your time and concern regarding my mail.
    I have a juice machine just purchased the NUTICENTRE I am very happy with the machine.
    I would also like to invest in a VITAMIX Blender could you advice me where in South Africa I could purchase one and the price range.
    Many thanks.

    • Naturalwise

      Sure. We sell the Vitamix. You can buy online from our shopping cart or simply click the ‘shopping cart’ tab on the navigation pane. You can also order by email: or by phone (0117051607 or 086 110 6329). We deliver throughout South Africa and accept most payment methods.We are happy to help you in whatever way is easiest for you. The current price of the Vitamix is R7205 plus R45 for delivery. We also have the Hiblend which is a cheaper alternative to the Vitamix at R2950 plus R45 delivery. I hope this answers your question. If not, please ask further.

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