The Distillation Process

Jul 14, 2010 by

Distillation Cycle

The mechanical process of distillation follows an identical pattern to nature's water cycle

  • Ordinary tap water is heated to 100 degrees Celsius, killing microbes eg. Bacteria, Cysts and Viruses
  • Steam rises leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals etc.
  • Low boiling light gases are discharged through the gaseous vent
  • Steam is condensed in the stainless steel coil
  • Purified water then percolates through a natural coconut shell carbon filter, enhancing the quality by absorbing volatile organic compounds and polishing the water
  • The distilled water is collected in the storage bottle that is supplied with the machine.

Distillation is a great way to get the purest water. We have a wide range of water distillers to meet every need. Check them out here.

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