The Other Side of Fluoride

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Courtesy of the SA Safe Water Association

The effects of  fluoride:

  • It’s a carcinogen that has been medically linked to cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s in adults, birth defects and Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as other debilitating ailments in all ages.
  • It attacks the thyroid gland, destroys essential vitamins and enzymes in the body and is a prime factor in the breakdown of the immune system.
  • It’s also cumulative, so the more fluoride consumed, either through drinking water or oral hygiene care, the more fluoride builds up in your body.
  • Findings on thousands of children across the globe have shown the more fluoridated water is ingested, the greater the occurrence of dental cavities, dental fluorosis and other health problems.

(Sandton Chronicle, JHB, South Africa – 30 May 2003)

Naturalwise recommends:

Dabur herbal toothpastes are fluoride free and a great healthy alternative to the conventional fluoride laden toothpastes.

Water Distillers are the best method of ensuring that fluoride is removed from your drinking water.

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