How do I clean my Waterwise 4000 distiller?

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To clean the boiler tank:

Rinse the boiler tank with warm water before every distillation cycle to remove any loose residue. Over time scale deposits will accumulate, which should be removed. You should plan to do this every 2 – 3 weeks. In areas with lots of deposits in the water, it is advisable to do it more often. Some people like to clean the scale after every use. It really depends on the water quality and your own lifestyle.

We recommend using white vinegar or lemon juice to remove the scale buildup:

  • Pour vinegar or lemon juice (cutting up whole lemons also works well) into the boiling tank to cover the scale buildup.
  • Leave it to soak for a few hours. Do not switch the unit on.
  • Take a soft washing up brush (non-scratching) and gently brush the scale. It should fall off easily. If it doesn’t come off easily, then leave it to soak for longer. Many people like to leave it to soak overnight.
  • Cleaning this way, will leave your boiling tank looking brand new! Remember not to use abrasive cleaners, caustic acids, steel wool pads, metal utensils or anything that can scratch or damage the stainless steel.

Note: We DO NOT recommend the use of harsh chemicals to clean your distiller.. They might work quickly but the bigger picture is that they are very harmful and cause damage to your health and the environment. The reason why we are having to distill our water is because we have ignorantly used damaging chemicals in the past, so let’s learn from our past and ONLY use safe, chemical free products in future, and work at restoring our water to its natural state of purity.

To clean the outside of the distiller:

Wipe the outside of the Distiller with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild natural cleaning aid – such as the Triple Orange Wondergel

To clean the condenser fins:

  • Dirty condenser fins can cause poor cooling efficiency. If you notice steam coming from the filter spout or a decrease in the amount of distilled water, clean the condenser fins. Remove the three screws (located under gasket) from the cover
  • Clean the accumulated dust/dirt from condenser fins with a small brush or vacuum cleaner
  • Replace the cover and secure with the three screws

To clean the collector/ storage Bottle:

  • Fill the bottle approximately three-fourths full with warm tap water
  • Add one or two drops of a natural dish detergent, such as the Triple Orange Wondergel and wash the bottle interior
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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