Time for natural make-up?

Dec 28, 2010 by

We all carry our own natural beauty within us. Make up should enhance our natural beauty and not dominate or mask us. This all natural range of make-up combines with our individual inherent beauty to subtly emphasise our features.

The Dr Hauschka make up range is special in more ways than just its ability to enhance our appearance. It goes a step further than most cosmetics and also nurtures the skin while enhancing its appearance.

The exceptional ability of this range is the high quality ingredients that go into making it. The Ingredients are 100% natural and made up of high-quality plant oils, plant waxes and selected medicinal plants.

Why do we recommend all natural make-up?

Quite simply because we care. When we consider that up to 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our body, then we understand that it just doesnt make good sense to use cheap chemically based make up. If you are going to use makeup then check the ingredients to make sure that they are safe and pure enough to ingest.

Yes, good, healthy natural make up can beĀ  more expensive but this is often because it contains quality ingredients.

The Dr Hauschka make-up is a great range of 100% natural make-up and is free from all chemical ingredients. It does not contain any parabens, toxic preservatives or colourants.

The Dr Hauschka products are organically certified and are not tested on animals.

Naturalwise stocks the full range of Dr Hauscka make up, which can be ordered online, by email or phone and delivered nationwide.

Click this link to go through to our online shop, and see the full range, prices and ordering info

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