The Hidden Dangers in Water

Dec 30, 2010 by

It is sobering to realise that there is only one body of water on earth that is being recycled and re-used continuously.

This means that all the poisonous chemicals and other hazardous waste that we throw down the drain and into landfill is recycled for us to drink in time.

Other modern day pollutants like exhaust fumes from motorcars and factories are brought down to the ground with rain water and are also present in our drinking water.

Hormones, chemicals and fertilisers used in commercial inorganic farming practices are also washed into our water and wreak havoc with our environment and bodies.

Water pollution can cost us our environment and our life’s. It can undermine our intelligence and affect our behaviour.

We need to stop polluting our water in our industries and homes to recover and maintain the integrity of our water as a long term solution. Whilst we are doing this a short term preventative measure is to purify our drinking and cooking at point of use (in our homes and offices) using a good purification system. A cheap ineffective water purifier is not a good solution! .

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