Grow your own Sunflower Shoots

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Nutritious Sunflower shoots are quick to sprout in jars and are great to add to salads and sandwiches.

Try using the unshelled sunflower seeds in winter when the shelled seeds are a little harder to spout.

Nutritious Sunflower Shoots

Here are  3 secrets to sprouting unshelled sunflower seeds in the Kitchen Garden sprouting jars:

1. Take a few minutes to remove the broken and damaged seed. This is easily done as they rise to the surface and can be skimmed off.

2. No soaking is necessary as the seeds are already soft. Essentially the following day they have already sprouted.

3. When rinsing, the rinse water must be clear so take care to rinse until the water is clear. The little seed coats which are brown should be removed almost every day as they hold too much moisture and can cause them to go off.

What about sunflower seeds in the shell?

Sunflower seeds in the shell are better for the wheatgrass and mini-shoots kits and perform better when grown in soil. You can also sprout sunflower seeds in the shell in the jars but then you must remove the shell (which is quick to do) before eating them.

If you are the adventurous type, try sprouting sunflower seeds in the shell and out the shell and see which you prefer.

Want more details on the Kitchen Garden sprouting kits?

6 Jar Sprouting Kit

You can see prices, further details and order the sprouting kits and the wheatgrass and mini-shoots kits online now by clicking this link.


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