Distilled water is the purest water

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Distilled water comes closest to the definition of being “pure” water. It is the only water used for applications like scientific experiments, prescription drugs and kidney dialysis machines where it is understood that using impure water will affect the results and they will not be dependable.

The human body is no different. It also requires pure water to function reliably and impure water will affect a person’s mental and physical performance with the end result being a possible noticeable physical or mental disease. Motor cars and kidney dialysis machines require pure distilled water because if they used any other kind of water they would clog up and break. Yet the human body is often run on tap water, filtered water or mineral water, and when it clogs up and breaks it is given medication to treat the symptoms instead of simply addressing the cause – the intake of IMPURE WATER!

Distilled water will give your body the vital element of pure H2O that it needs to perform all its functions. Your body knows how to heal and regenerate and once you start giving it genuinely pure water, it will begin the process of re-hydration, detoxification, repair and regeneration. Additionally, distilled water is a solvent and so it will gradually dissolve and eliminate dangerous deposits of inorganic minerals that can cause arthritis, arteriosclerosis and other circulatory problems.

Switch to pure distilled water and see for yourself!

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