Fabulous Dehydrators

Sep 9, 2011 by

A good dehydrator is fabulous for making healthy dried snacks!

When you own a dehydrator,  a whole new world of healthy snacks opens up. You can make your own natural dried pineapples, apples, mangoes, bananas, paw-paws and more.  You can make delicious and nutritious dried vegetable chips and ‘biltong’ from sweet potatoes, brinjals, broccoli and more. You can also make delicious raw sweet and savoury biscuits and sweets from healthy foods like nuts and dates. The ideas are endless.

Store bought dried fruits often contain added ingredients that are questionable for your health and the choice is so limited. South Africa is blessed with beautiful fruits and vegetables. Dehydrate it and enjoy it all year round!

How do you know where to get a dependable dehydrator though? That is why we are in business. Helping you to become healthier with less stress, is our mission. We have chosen a choice of dependable dehydrators and we bring these to you simply and conveniently via our online showroom where you can browse and shop at your leisure. We courier and deliver throughout South Africa (and beyond by special arrangement) . We are real people and are also gladly available for a chat or advice via email or phone.

Click here to link to our dehydrator department where you can see the dehydrators we sell and recommend as well as prices and  further information.

When you are ready to make healthy delicious snacks for your family, you can simply order online or by phone or email.

We accept EFT’s, direct bank deposit and most major cards, processed through a secure payment gateway or by manual entry. Bottom line, we are here to make it easier to be healthy with less stress and less fuss. We would love to help you further.

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