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The shampoo that you use can make a big difference to the health of your hair and of our environment.

Harsh chemical shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils  and can leave it lifeless and unattractive. Logona Organic hair care products give your hair and scalp all that it needs to keep its natural beauty.

Vitalizing botanical active ingredients and natural moisturizing agents gently care for the hair leaving it shining and  naturally clean. Because of the mild, plant-derived cleansing agents they contain, Logona shampoos are suitable for daily use.

Logona Organic hair care products are gentle on the environment too! 100 % certified natural with organic oils and extracts , the Logona Organic hair care products are free of synthetic colourants, fragrances and preservatives;  free of paraffines, silicones and PEGs  and lactose-free and gluten-free.

Kind to our animals,  there is no testing on animals during the production of   Logona Organic hair care products nor during the production of any ingredients included in the products.

Our online shelves are stocked!

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