What can you do with the VitaMix 5200 Super Blender?

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The Vita-Mix® 5200 super blender is so much more than a standard blender.

Here are some of the reasons why the Vita-Mix® is unlike any other food preparation machine:

Juice whole foods

 When you juice with the Vitamix , a process unique to the Vita-Mix® machine is initiated, and the cell walls of the whole fruits and vegetables are pulverised – thereby releasing the juice, yet retaining all of the nutritious whole food fibre. Unlike juice from a juice extractor, Vita-Mix® whole food juice and smoothies deliver all the health benefits of both the juice and the fibre. The Vita-Mix® machine has the motor power, torque, speed, container and blade design to make it happen smoothly by smashing the whole food fibre and breaking it into microscopic pieces that are easy to digest. You get a creamy, smooth juice full of fibre!

Recipes for a delicious garden fresh cocktail, fresh pineapple juice, and a nutritious banana orange and carrot drink are included with the Vitamix.


This may be the most enjoyable feature of your Vita-Mix®. The precision engineering of the Vita-Mix machine makes it possible to achieve the best blended recipes on any speed. Whether you’re making creamy smoothies, emulsifying a tangy salad dressing, whipping cream, creating milk substitutes, mixing drinks or blending butters and batters, the Vita-Mix makes it all so easy. The secret’s in the Variable Speed Dial. It allows you to control the blades and therefore provides versatility at various blending speeds. You can now prepare foods in a totally new and inventive way. Discover dozens of recipes you’ll enjoy preparing in your Vita-Mix Whole Food Recipes cookbook. We’ve suggested just a few here to get you started.

Recipes for delicious fruit smoothies, whole fruit margarita’s, rice milk, frozen cappuccino and hummus are included with the Vitamix.

Dry chop

Here’s another tedious chore that is made so easy with the Vita-Mix® machine. Dry chopping is used for such things as carrots, olives, nuts, coconut, onions, eggs and cheese. With the Vita-Mix machine, these tasks are quick, easy and require little cleanup. For best results, chop only one cup at a time. You decide how coarse or fine you want the finished product to be by adjusting the Variable Speed Dial. The faster the speed… the finer the chop. Remember, the customised hammermill and cutting blades do all the work, so you don’t have to. You can even combine some items used in the same recipe and save even more time.

Instructions for chopping carrots, grating cheese and  mincing onions and eggs are included with the Vitamix.

Wet chop

The difference between wet chopping and dry chopping is that wet chopping uses water or another liquid as the medium that circulates the items being chopped. Water draws the item into the blades resulting in a uniform chop. The type of chop, whether coarse or fine, is determined by the speed selected on the Variable Speed Dial. With wet chopping you can easily prepare vegetables for soups, salads, stir-frying, side dishes and coleslaw. Wet chopping is also the recommended preparation for all raw vegetables where a uniform chop is required. However, when preparing salsa, the moisture released by the vegetables allows the vegetables to circulate into the blades, so no additional liquid is needed. Do not discard liquid used in process. Save and use in sauces and soups!

Instructions for chopping cabbage, crushing ice, making salsa, marinara sauce and diced potatoes for hash browns are included with the Vitamix.

Make frozen treats

The most amazing desserts you’ll make in your Vita-Mix® machine are the delicious frozen treats. And what’s even more amazing is that you’ll make them in under a minute! Vita-Mix frozen desserts start with a frozen ingredient, that’s no secret! The real secret is the high performance hammermill and cutting blades that crush and cut up frozen ingredients in seconds. The blade action produces a larger frozen surface area that facilitates rapid freezing. The Vita-Mix machine works so fast that it all happens in about 30 seconds. So there’s no time for the mixture to melt. It actually refreezes itself instantly and creates a smooth and scrumptious soft-serve frozen treat.

Recipes for making a delicious strawberry yogurt freeze, peach soy sherbet and orange sorbet are included with the Vitamix


It’s simple science and simply amazing-with Vita-Mix®! Cooking with the Vita-Mix machine starts with fresh, whole produce and in four to six minutes you’ll create a fresh, hot soup complete with all nutrients. The Vita-Mix blades turn so fast that they generate enough friction to create cooking heat. Simply toss in the ingredients identified in the recipe, flip the switch and you’ll experience a delicious, whole vegetable soup with minimal peeling or seeding! The Vita-Mix machine doesn’t stop at soups! You will be making lump-free gravies and sauces almost effortlessly. Fresh, canned or frozen fruits can be turned into delicious fruit syrups to use on ice cream, pancakes or waffles.

Recipes for chicken potato spinach soup, pesto sauce and blackberry five-spice sauce are included  with the Vitamix.

Grind in the wet blade container

Our Vita-Mix® container is best suited for grinding foods that contain moisture, such as nuts and meat. The wet blades draw the mixture down and into the blender for proper processing and the customised hammermill and cutting blades do all the work for you. Raw or cooked meats and nut butters are best done with the wet blades and can be used in many delicious recipes.

You can make your own nut butters, and grind cooked or raw meats.

Dry grind in the dry blade container*

A dry blade container, specifically designed for grinding whole wheat and grains, rice and coffee, may be purchased separately. While the wet blade container is able to accomplish these tasks, the dry blade container will complete these processes more efficiently and is therefore highly recommended. Freshly ground flours take only one minute in your new Vita-Mix® machine. The container with the blades marked “D” for dry is used to grind the whole grains into flours. Take whole wheat berries and turn them into wonderful fresh breads, rolls and hot cereals. Even beans, rice and tapioca are easily ground into flours for use in gluten-free recipes. Grinding your own grains will give you all the nutritional benefits of preservative-free, fresh homemade bread.

* The Dry Blade container is not supplied with the Vitamix. It is an optional extra accessory.

You can make your own fresh ground coffee, powder your own sugar, crack whole grains for cereals, make whole wheat flour and fresh bread crumbs with your Vitamix.

Knead Dough 

Start with fresh whole grains – packed with nutrients – and turn them into healthy homemade bread in one smooth operation. Yes, the Vitamix machine grinds the grain and even kneads the dough so you will never need to touch the dough. Most recipes can be made in the dry blade container with little or no effort. Making bread from start to finish is so quick and easy, you can make healthy, preservative free bread fresh daily. Bread made the Vita-Mix® way is superior to commercially produced white bread in many different ways … more dietary fibre, more vitamins and fabulous, fresh, home-baked taste!

A recipe and instructions for making your own whole wheat bread are included with the Vitamix.

The unsurpassed performance of a Vitamix machine is inspiring new, flavorful menus in both home and restaurant kitchens throughout the world.

The Vitamix total nutrition centre 5200 is available from our online shop in white, black, red and brushed stainless steel. Click here for prices and further details.  We deliver nationwide via courier to your door, at your home or office.

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