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Oct 12, 2012 by

Lakelands is a  fabulous  strawberry farm in Lynwood Road ext, Pretoria, that  is growing strawberries without using synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

Because strawberries are on the top 10 list of fruits and vegetables to avoid because of the high pesticide content, it is always welcoming to find farms that are farming naturally and not spoiling the food value by adding toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Lakelands is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and on Saturday’s from 9am to  3pm. You can pick your own strawberries by arrangement and can also pre-book a picnic basket. The tea garden stocks fresh and frozen strawberries as well as other strawberry treats. Fresh strawberries are available 8 months of the year but frozen and dehydrated strawberries available throughout the year.

Lakelands is having an ‘Aarbeifees’ on Saturday November 3rd 2012 with stalls, cart and pony rides, a jumping castle, cash bar, home baked eats and delicious Lakelands strawberries and cream. Contact Kobus de Bruin on 072 942 5111 for further details.

Visit for directions and more information. The website is in Afrikaans. If you arent bilingual, open the website in Internet Explorer. It usually gives an option to translate to English. Please contact Lakelands directly for further information as we are not affiliated but just wanted to share this fabulous venue with you to explore further!

If you have a farm or market or know of any farms and markets in your area that are growing produce naturally, please reply to this post and share your information with us and our readers. Lets support people and businesses that are farming naturally and sustainably.



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