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A proudly South African product, Sunumbra  natural sunscreen is free from parabens, harmful chemicals, animal derivatives, colourants,fragrances and preservatives.

A study by the Environmental working group found that less than 20% of available sunscreens are both ‘low hazard’ and ‘effective’. Sunumbra is one of the few sunscreens available that does not contain any harmful chemicals and is made from natural, organic, photo-protective botanical ingredients.

Dermatologically tested

Sunumbra is dermatologically tested and approved for children and people with sensitive skin.

Not tested on animals

Sunumbra is tested on human skin only, not on animals.

Healthy and Green

Sunumbra is free from parabens, harmful chemicals, animal derivatives,colourants,fragrances and preservatives.

Some Suncare facts

  • The sun’s UVA rays are the main cause of melanoma and accelerated skin ageing
  • Vitamin D is a powerful defense against melanoma and accelerated skin ageing
  • UVB rays are the most important sources of Vitamin D

Most sunscreens lack sufficient levels of UVA protection. Many SPF high products protect against sunburn caused by UVB rays, but very few block the deep penetrating UVA rays enough, which causes skin ageing, immune system suppression and skin cancer.

Sunumbra  provides high level protection against harmful UVA rays

Available in a SPF30, SPF 40 Sport and SPF 40 for kids

SunumbraSPF30 SunumbraSunkidsSPF40sunumbra-sport-spf40


Buy Sunumbra natural sunscreen 

Click here to order online (and to see prices and further details).  Free Delivery on orders over R850. Stock up and save!

Please feel free to phone (086 110 6329)  or email (sales@naturalwise.co.za) if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

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