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The Greenis Juicer is a cost effective alternative to the Hurom Juicer.  The Greenis Juicer is a vertical cold press masticating juicer that can make juices from fruit, vegetables, leaves and grasses. The Greenis Juicer comes standard with a solid strainer that crushes and purees to make frozen desserts. It even juices soaked nuts, beans and seeds to make nut and soya milk. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.



Crush and Press action

The Greenis Juicer is a ‘slow juicer’ and it expels a drier pulp. The extraction process uses a crush and press method, releasing enzymes and nutrients embedded deep in the fruit or vegetable. The pressure also causes phyto nutrients to be released resulting in juice rich in colour. The low RPM avoids heat destruction of the fruit/vegetable minimizing oxidation guaranteeing a high quality juice

Special Offer

The normal selling price is R2850 but you can buy it now at the special introductory price of R2495.

Our shelves are stocked!  To order or to see prices and further details, simply click here

Please feel free to phone (086 110 6329)  or email ( if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

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  1. Floris Knouwds

    I gave my Oscar to my children and decided to try the Greenis juicer… as it is supposed to be as good and even better than the Oscar. That is if you believe the promotions. But, boy, was I fooled…

    After using it for a week I can tell you the following:
    1. If you want to make smoothies, it might work for you. Very, very thick smoothies. But then, I needed a good juicer that produces clean juice. Not a smoothie maker.
    2. Assembling the Greenis juicer takes a lot more time and concentration than the Oscar as everything needs to be aligned and clicked into place. No easy lockable parts as with the Oscar.
    3. Dissembling and cleaning is likewise much more difficult and time consuming than the Oscar. You sometimes have to use force to get the parts from the juicing engine.
    4. And then the juice… Well, the juice has a lot more small pieces of fruit and vegetables in it than the juice of the Oscar. It feels/tastes like a smoothie extra light. Not nearly as good and clean as the juice from the Oscar.

    So I will just have to live with it. Or give the Greenis to my other children as they do not currently juice. And maybe they won’t notice the difference as I do. Then I can experiment again with another brand of juicer.

    One week later and I encountered more problems with the Greenis juicer than before. Particularly one pressing problem that will make me tell you: STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUICER!!
    This is the problem: the squeezing screw get so stuck in the machine that you have to use brute force to first turn it anticlockwise and then clockwise…. and hope that it gets unstuck! This is not only annoying and time consuming, but also extremely difficult for older people or people with arthritis.
    Maybe mine is a Friday afternoon model. But I doubt it.

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