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Compact and simple to use, the Nutribullet (R1995*) makes healthy drinks from fresh fruit and veggies in minutes!
To get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food!

We often hear “you are what you eat” but really “you are what you absorb”. Essential digestive acids decrease in strength over time due to poor diet, stress and age. No matter how healthy you eat, if your digestive system can’t process the food it receives, your body can’t take in nutrients! That’s why so many of us are overfed and under nourished.

When you prepare and consume foods in the Nutribullet – the superfood nutrition extractor – you ingest food in it’s most absorptive state. So even the weakest of digestive systems can absorb and utilize the nutrition within. Now that’s getting the most out of your food! With the Nutribullet, you can eat and actually enjoy the taste of a bounty of nutritious fruits and vegetables all in one easy to make ‘Nutriblast’ drink. Making the Nutribullet part of your life, helps to help keep you younger, healthier and more vibrant!

The secret of the NutriBullet is its powerful 600 watt motor combined with the bullet exclusive cyclonic action, that forces everything through the turbo extractor blades, turning at an incredible 10 000 RPM, to break down, pulverise and emulsify foods so that you get the goodness of all those vital nutrients.

The power of the Nutribullet bursts open seeds, cracks through stems, shreds tough skins and breaks down even the toughest ingredients to unlock the vital nutrition inside.

Enjoy one Nutriblast a day and help give your body the tools that can increase energy, improve sleep, improve digestion, improve fitness recovery, improve hair, skin and nail health and reduce stress

Click on the link below to see how it works:

Twelve piece set that includes one extra large tall cup, one milling blade, one handled short cup and 1 comfort lip ring, one short cup and one handled comfort lip ring, 2 stay-fresh resealable lids, the power base, the pocket nutritionist and user guide and recipe book.

Available to buy online now for just R1995*!

Click here to buy online with nationwide delivery. Delivery free on all orders over R850! Please feel free to phone (086 110 6329) or email ( if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

*Price correct at time of going to print



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