New clear door Excalibur dehydrator

Nov 26, 2014 by

Exc 9tray

Now with a clear door for only R6395


 Dehydration is the healthiest, easiest, most economical way to preserve foods!

  •  FAST: Dehydration is far faster than canning or freezing. Simply cut and arrange pieces on the trays — the Excalibur does the work while you do other things.
  • EASY: Load the trays and set the temperature and timer (optional). The Excalibur dries the contents of all trays evenly so everything’s done at the same time.
  •  DELICIOUS: Dehydration concentrates natural flavor, sweetness, and aroma. Fruits explode with mouth-watering, “natural candy” flavor that’s for healthier than high-fat snacks and high-sugar candies that are filled with chemical preservatives.

Excalibur is simply the best there is! Kid friendly, pet friendly, sweet and savoury………

**NEW** to the Excalibur range is the clear-door dehydrator.Clear doors are available on the 9 tray black model.**NOW IN STOCK and ON SPECIAL @ ONLY R6395**

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