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The Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker. Great for saving electricity and to use during power outages. Doubles up as a food warmer and cooler too!

How does it work?

  • Simply bring the food to the boil, then place it in the pot in the Wonderbag and it will continue to slow-cook your food for up to 12 additional hours, with no additional fuel source (eg electricity, gas, coal, wood, paraffin).

Save electricity, gas or coal

  • The Wonderbag is a clever insulated bag that continues to cook food after it has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel.

Save time

  • Allows you to start cooking your breakfast, lunch or dinner and leave the house whilst it continues to cook. Come back to a delicious fresh home-cooked meal.


  • Slow cooker
  • Keeps hot  food warm
  • Keeps cold food cool
  • Looks great on the table to serve from pot to plate
  • Helps transport food safely

No water wastage due to evaporation

  • The cooking process less water

User friendly

  • Easy to use
  • Safe

Helping the community

  • When you buy a Wonderbag a portion of the proceeds go towards donating a Wonderbag to a family in need in a community in a developing country.

Proudly green

  • Slow cooks without electricity (after you have started the initial cooking and bought the food to the boil)
  • Saves on electricty and other heat creating fuel sources

Red (R230 – R360)


Blue (R230 – R360)

A choice for GREEN living, the Wonderbag saves time and money!

 buyu now - xmas

Please give us a call on 086 110 6329 or email or easier yet visit to enquire and to order.

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