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At last, a horizontal cold press juicer that looks as good as the juice it produces.

Cold press juicers are widely accepted for the high quality of juice that they produce but many people think that they look outdated and more like old fashioned mincers than the modern efficient juicers that they are.
Leading juicing brand, Omega Juicers, have been hard at work and have created an updated modern look with all the added functionality of horizontal cold press juicers.

The new wonder cold press juicer, the Omega Juice Cube, is truly ground breaking with its unique square footprint and stylish cube form. Beside juicing really well and looking great, the Omega Juice Cube is super snazzy with compartments built into the body of the juicer to store the extra juicing parts. The pusher, cleaning brush, nozzles and mincing strainer all fit into the juicer compartments and even the juice and pulp bowls pack away into a nifty neat cube.

What can it juice?
Fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, including wheatgrass.

What else can it do?
• Make nut butters
• Make nut milks eg almond milk, soy milk
• Make baby food
• Extrude pasta
• Make fruit sorbets
• Grind coffee beans and herbs

Are the parts dishwasher safe?
Yes, the Omega Juice cube parts are BPA-Free, detachable and dishwasher safe.

Is it a cold press juicer?
Yes the Omega Juice cube is a cold press juicer and operates at just 80rpms to give you a low foam, nutritious juice packed full of goodness!


Introductory offer, buy now and save R1000!



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