The Daikin Air Purifier has it all!

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The Daikin MC70L is a highly efficient air purifier with outstanding features

  • Automatic operation: Air flow is adjusted to the level of dirt in the air. When the air is cleaner, lower air flow rates are enabled, thus saving electricity
  • Pollen ion mode: By creating a gentle turbulence in the room, pollen is caught before it lands on the floor
  • TURBO mode: This convenient mode provides high power operation. Use it when you first arrive home or when you have unexpected guests
  • Off-timer: The remote control can be set to turn the unit off after 1, 2 or 4 hours
  • Four fan speeds: Fan speed can be adjusted in four steps from LL to H mode
  • Brightness adjustment: The brightness of the lamps on the indicator panel can be adjusted to one of three levels
  • Child lock: Set the Child lock with the remote control to prevent small children from operating the air purifier

The stylish design of the Daikin MC70L matches any interior design, home, office, kitchen, anywhere

Daikin MC70L

The Daikin advanced 7-layer filtering system ensures super clean air

  • Prefilter: Removes large dust particles and pet hairs
  • Bio-Antibody Filter: Captures and removes airborne viruses
  • Plasma Ionizer: Dust and pollen are positively charged and sent to the electrostatic filter
  • Flash Streamer: Generates high speed electrons which break down odours and formaldehyde
  • Electrostatic Dust Collection Pleated Filter (Front): Adsorbs the positively charged dust & pollen
  • Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Pleated Filter (Back): Adsorbs and decomposes odours, bacteria & viruses
  • Deodorising Catalyst: Absorbs & breaks down odours

Why invest in an air purifier?

There are so many particles in the air, some of which are natural and generally harmless, while others are harmful chemical contaminants which decrease the health benefits of the air that we breathe. It is beneficial to remove and destroy the chemical contaminants and allergens  as these have a direct negative impact on health and can trigger or aggravate asthma and allergic reactions.

The Daikin MC70L air purifiers are designed to do this efficiently and effectively and to produce clean air that is fit to breath. At the same time, it filters out the particles that produce odours, transforming your indoor air into fresh, clean healthy air. By removing the unwanted and potentially dangerous particles, the air purifier is directly contributing to the creation of an enhanced and healthy environment.

Daikin air purifiers carry the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and the TÜV Nord test mark confirming the efficiency of the units.

Daikin MC70L


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