Calling all commercial juice bars – the Santos Nutrisantos 65 has landed

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The long awaited Santos Nutrisantos 65  vertical cold press juicer is perfect for large capacity juice bars wanting to produce high quality cold press juice. Loaded with features, durable and reliable, the Santos Nutrisantos 65 is easy to operate, has a wide feeding chute and a reliable induction motor.

Thermal and electrical safety

  • The motor is protected by a thermal detector and overload protector
  • All mechanical parts are ground connected
  • Tested 100% after assembly

Instant cold press juicer

  •  Just press and serve

Commercial cold press juicer

  • Aluminum body and stainless steel food zone
  • Equipped with a reliable induction motor
  • Built for heavy duty use

Versatile and innovative

  • set your speed (from 5 to 80rpm) and filtration size
  • extra large chute:  juices whole fruits and vegetables eliminating the need for precutting.
  • makes fresh cold pressed juice on-demand, in front of the customer.

Easy to clean

  • Removable pusher and juicing system for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe

Made in France 

Santos Nutrisantos 65 cold press commercial juicer

Santos Nutrisantos 65

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